This is the next rising star variety for the Sierra Foothills region. Tempranillo is the most widely planted red wine grape in Spain. This is a big but beautiful red wine. It starts with a huge mouthful of fruit, then follows up with spice and herb. This wine pairs with the most flavorful of dishes. Can you say Tapas!
Bottle: $32.00               Case: $345.60

Warning!!! This is a Monster wine, big and powerful, so dark in color we lovingly call it SPF 5000 Danger!!! You may fall in love with this wine. Other wines just won’t be the same.
Caution!!! Caution while backing up your car to fill the trunk with this one. It’s a stunner!!!

Bottle: $30.00            Case: $324.00

This Spanish blend is agile, bold and brave, leading to the real danger that you will fall in love with this wine. As you smell and taste its depth and layers, an epic drama plays out before you. You will be seeing RED!!! Pairs great with a Spanish Paella or spicy grilled skirt steak skewers.
Bottle: $32.00                 Case: $345.60

Stunning Bing Cherry and Blueberry aromas. Bright acidity and a rich mouth feel that leave you wanting another sip, then another. You know how that goes. This is our favorite wine with Barbeque. Our first Estate Bottled Barbera  
Bottle:$29.00       Case: $313.20

This classy blend is Big, Dark and Burly! And you don’t have to buy it breakfast in the morning. Just enjoy it, then drop it in the recycling bin. The rest of life should be so easy!!!! 
Bottle: $29.00        Case: $313.20

••• 2017 Tempranillo •••

Double Gold

Calavera County Fair​​​

••• 2017 Prospector •••

He is back!!!
Gold Medal – Calaveras County Fair

••• Our Wine Shop •••

This Sauvignon Blanc exhibits hints of lemon grass, sweet basil, pineapple and lemon zest. A light-handed use of fresh oak adds a whiff of smoke and  hickory. Pair with a lemon alfredo pasta or your favorite exotic Thai dish. Our newest rock star white for the super star in you!!!

Bottle:$22.00             Case: $237.60

Introducing The Gunslinger. A blend of Barbera and Tempranillo, this wine is fast on the draw with a steady hand. A true hero wine, dark and brooding with multiple layers and a long smoldering finish. Ride off into the sunset with your own happy ending!
Bottle: $32.00                 Case: $345.60

••• 2017 Petite Sirah Reserve •••

Estate Bottled
3 Silver Medals!

••• 2018 The Ranger •••

3 Silver Medals!

I never planned on Making Cabernet in the Sierra Foothills, but the quality of this fruit changed my mind. Grown at 2,800 foot elevation, in a cooler microclimate, allows extended hang time. The longer ripening time concentrates color, aroma and tactile sensation, and this is a sensation!!! A Cabernet to rival other $60. to $85. Cabernet’s. Now that’s a great deal! Look out Napa Valley!!!
Bottle: $34.00           Case: $367.20

••• 2018 Estate Zinfandel •••

91 Points - Silver Medal California State Fair

3 Silver Medals

••• Mister Bubbles •••

California Sparkling Wine

••• 2016 Tempranillo •••

Two Double Gold Medals!

The Prospector is one who searches for treasure. From the 49ers of olden days to the modern day wine taster, riches are out there to be found. Whether you are staking a claim or grilling a steak, The Prospector is the perfect choice. Stock your cellar with a commodity that’s sure to pay off! This fine blend is crafted with equal parts of our estate Zinfandel, Barbera and Syrah. A great wine at a super price is sure to be a crowd pleaser!!!!!
Bottle:$28.00            Case: $302.40

Imagine a Dove Bar in a glass and that about sums up this magnificent wine. Dark chocolate and vanilla! This is a very limited production wine that will sell out fast!!!
Bottle: $27.00              Case: $291.60

••• 2018 The Bullfighter •••

Two Silver Medals!

••• 2018 The Gunslinger •••

Three Silver Medals!

If the Devil ever got his dues this would have been on the top of his wish list. This blend of Tempranillo and Petite Sirah is evilly delicious. Cocoa, caramel and exotic spice rubbed all over a mound of vanilla ice-cream, topped with raspberry puree….Wow — I think this may be illegal??? Don’t let Mom know. Go ahead, we can keep a secret. Only 75 cases produced.
Bottle: $29.00              Case: $313.20

••• 2018 “EL DIABLO” •••

Three Silver Medals!

This sexed up classy clone of Zinfandel is dark, bold, and beautiful. This Primitivo is packed with flavors of ripe blackberry and aromas of blueberries with a hint of exotic spices. The long, lingering finish leaves a desire for another sip. A perfect example of this fine varietal.
Bottle:$28.00            Case: $302.40

These hand crafted wines are made in very small quantities and are only sold direct from the winery.

••• 2018 K Syrah ~ “K” kuz it’s KILLER •••

Gold - Calaveras County Fair!

This is the winemaker’s selection of the best grapes from a rocky hill top. These grapes enjoy one of the best views in Amador County. We utilize an extended fermentation, and then press directly into new French Bordeaux barrels for 18 months. This is the best of the best, given the ultimate care and dedication it deserves. Very Limited Production!!!
Bottle: $40.00               Case: $432.00

Stephen’s favorite varietal hits it out of the park again, winning 2 Double Gold medals! Now in reserve library status, there is very little of this great wine left. Get yours today before it runs out! We would hate to see you “whine”!
Bottle: $40.00                 Case: $432.00

Big and powerful with a velvet finish. This Port is as dark as a moonless night. A chocolate lover’s best companion. Crafted with Select Creekside Zinfandel vines. This is a true collectors wine. Enjoy now, or age 20 to 30 years. Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum! Did I Say YUM!! Well I meant it. 750ml.
Bottle: $35.00                 Case: $378.00

••• 2017 Winemakers Reserve Barbera •••

Our Third Vintage of Reserve Barbera!
Double Gold Medal Winner!
Both Amador and El Dorado County Fairs!

Brambly blackberry fruit mixes with smoky spice for a classically styled Zinfandel. A big rich mouth feel and bracing acidity assures years of age-ability. “Life would be hell without Zinfandel”
Bottle:$28.00          Case: $302.40

••• 2020 Sauvignon Blanc •••

A Returning Favorite For Convergence!!!   
New Release in the tasting room!

••• 2018 Italian Job •••

Double Gold, Best Of Class  El Dorado County Fair

••• 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon •••

2 Gold Medals!

This dry Brut style sparkler will be the toast of all your life’s celebrations.  Mister Bubbles is a deliciously frisky champagne that has developed a personality all his own. He is a little naughty, but very nice, and can be blamed for loosening lips. A natural pairing with appetizers, he goes down easy...

Bottle : $19.00              Case: $205.20

••• 2012 Vintage Port •••

Creekside Zinfandel Select

This classic Rhone style blend is a master of disguise. Every time you smell and taste this super complex wine it morphs in to something new. This wiley blend has more layers than a undercover CIA operative!!! A blend of Grenache, Petite Sirah, and Syrah, use this G.P.S. to find your way back to the winery for refills.

Bottle: $28.00          Case: $302.40

••• 2018 Primitivo •••

Estate Bottled
2 Silver Medals

••• 2018 Estate Barbera •••

Estate Bottled
Gold Medal – Amador County Fair
Amador County is becoming recognized as the best place in the world to grow Barbera.